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Tomochain masternode staking services

How to stake and earn rewards with HyperBlocks Pro

Get your own rewards with HyperBlocks Pro’s Masternode on Tomochain
– Step by step guide – 

Step 1: Access your Tomochain naive tokens on Tomo Master Dapps


There are four ways to access native Tomo tokens in Tomo Master Dapps

+ Tomowallet: not available atm (they are fixing some bugs)

+ PrivateKey/MNEMONIC: using your all private keys for wallet which hold ERC-20 Tomo tokens to access naive Tomo tokens

+ Ledger Wallet: Change the driven path to: m/44’/60’/0’

+ Metamask: follow guidance below:

Please see here for more information:

Step 2: Voting for HyperBlocks Pro Masternode on Tomochain

There are 15 Masternodes we built on Tomochain listed here:

  • Choose your Masternode
  • Change the number of tokens you want to vote with
  • Choose “Vote”
  • Change the number of tokens you want to vote with

  • Click “Next” and confirm transactions

Thank you for voting for HyperBlocks Pro.

We will make sure to secure and operate our node to get the best result with all high potential projects.