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Tezos delegation service

Delegation Code

HyperBlocks Pro is the best alternative to run your own node and secure networks.

As a Tezos Delegate, you claim all rewards as if you are running your own bakery without additional expenses like servers, electricity and admin operations. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure.

Make your tezzies work for you with HyperBlocks, a professional service created by HyperChain team

Frequently Asked Questions


What is delegation?

Tezos uses a delegated proof-of-stake model (DPOS). In Tezos, delegation is the permission given to a Baker to create new blocks using XTZ that other stakeholders have. This is important so that the consensus system happens in Tezos network, allowing everyone to participate. In addition, delegating XTZ is always the best way to protect against the inflation generated by the protocol, which is currently 5.5% per year.

Can I be a Baker?

To become a Baker you will need at least 10,000 Tezos. And it is also necessary to maintain a dedicated server for the job. The baker also needs to have a security deposit equivalent to 8.25% of the amount of Tezos being baked, not forgetting the security and availability of the service. For some people this task can be a bit difficult. But do not worry if you can not bake your Tezos alone, let us do it for you!

Can I lose the Tezos that I delegated?

No. When you delegate your Tezos, you’re just giving the baker permission to bake them, your Tezos never leave your wallet, do not worry.

How much will I receive?

You will receive 85% of the reward. Our fee is 15%. And you will not have to worry about paying the security deposit, we’ll do it for you.

What is Overdelegated?

Whenever a Baker is roasting, it must maintain a bond of 8.25% of the total tezzies he is baking. If the baker does not have the necessary amount of tezzies, the people who have delegated their tezzies will not receive their rewards correctly. At HyperBlocks Pro, we’re constantly adjusting the bond.