What is delegation?

Tezos uses a delegated proof-of-stake model (dPOS). In Tezos, delegation is the permission given to a Baker to create new blocks using XTZ that other stakeholders have. This is important for the consensus system in Tezos network, allowing everyone to participate. In addition, delegating XTZ is always the most preferable way to protect against the inflation generated by the protocol, which is currently at 5.5% per year.

Can I be a Baker?

To become a Baker, you will need at least 10,000 tezzies. It is also necessary to maintain a dedicated server. The baker also needs to have a security deposit equivalent to 8.25% of the amount of tezzies being baked, on top of the cost of security and availability of the service. It can often be difficult for most users holding tezzies.

Can I lose the tezzies that I delegated?

No. When you delegate your Tezos, you’re just giving the baker permission to bake them, your tezzies never leave your wallet, do not worry.

How much will I gain if I delegate?

You will receive 85% of the reward. Our fee is at flat 15%. You do not have to pay the security deposit proportionate to your delegation, we’ll do it for you.

Is there any risk associated with baking?

Your tokens are locked by the chain and no one but you can access the funds.

What is being overdelegated?

Whenever a Baker is roasting, it must maintain a bond of 8.25% of the total tezzies he is baking. If the baker does not have the necessary amount of tezzies, the people who have delegated their tezzies will not receive their expected rewards. At HyperBlocks, we’re constantly adjusting the bond to ensure a smooth operation.

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