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Step 1: Sign in to your account at

Step 2: Click “ADD ACCOUNT” button to make KT1 wallet. From this wallet, you can delegate

There is a small fee charged for creating account

If you already have KT1 accounts please skip this step

Step 3: Transfer your tezzies to this KT1 account to delegate!

Notice: don’t have a function to split tezzies for both holding and staking in KT1 account. Just transfer amount you want to delegate.

Step 4: Delegate to earn rewards

Select “Custom” and enter HyperBlocks Pro address: tz1VHFxUuBhwopxC9YC9gm5s2MHBHLyCtvN1 then click “UPDATE DELEGATE” to start earning rewards

And that’ ALL. You don’t need to do anything else.

We will do all the rest. It is our pleasure to work together.