The best security and reliability for our users.

We run our servers in high security data centers in countries with strict infomation security and privacy regulations. We provide Hardware Security Module (HSM) key management and sentry node DDoS protection.

Our validator is configured to stake ATOMs for long term. Our philosophy is to do good and help secure the Internet of Blockchains.

Delegate using Ledger Nano S

How does delegating work in Cosmos and which options do I have?

There are 2 options to delegate while keeping your assets safe.

  • – Delegate for HyperBlocks in 4 steps as guided in our website above.
  • – Delegate via command line and Gaia CLI. Please follow the guide by our colleagues from Cryptium Labs here.

We also recommend reading the official delegators guide published by Cosmos.

Are there any risks associated with using your delegation tools?

Since we do not send out any tokens, the worst that can happen is that the transaction fails. We strongly recommend rechecking all figures on the screen of your ledger device before signing the transaction.

Are my ATOMs secure while delegating and what happens if you get slashed?

Your tokens were locked by the chain and no one but you can access your fund.

Notice: your tokens are locked (can’t be transferred or sold) when delegating to a validator.

Warning: If your validators gets slashed for misbehaving (unavailability, double signing) its bonded stake along with its delegators’ stake will be slashed. For example, if a validator double signs, its delegated stake will get slashed by 5%.

What is the expected reward?

We charge only 10% commission fee for our services.^ Your reward consists of block rewards and transaction fees minus our commission.

  • Block rewards: They are paid in newly minted ATOMs. Block rewards exist to incentivize ATOM holders to stake. The yearly inflation rate is calculated to target 2/3 bonded stake. If the total bonded stake in the network is less than 2/3 of the total ATOM supply, inflation increases until it reaches 20%. If the total bonded stake is more than 2/3 of the ATOM supply, inflation decreases until it reaches 7%. This means that if total bonded stake stays below 2/3 of the total ATOM supply for a prolonged period of time, unbonded ATOM holders can expect their ATOM value to deflate by 20% (compounded) per year.
  • Transaction fees: Each transfer on the Cosmos Hub comes with transaction fees. These frees can be paid in any currency that is whitelisted by the governing Cosmos community. Fees are distributed to bonded ATOM holders in proportion to their stake. The first whitelisted token at launch is ATOM.

How does rewards work in Cosmos?

Rewards accumulated in your address constantly. In order to access them, they have to be claimed. You can easily use HyperBlocks functions to claim your rewards or redelegate for us immediately.

What is redelegating and how does it work?

Rewards are being accumulated in your address continuously. In order to access them, you have to claim.

Please note that your staking rewards are not bonded to a validator automatically. In order to achieve compounding interest on your rewards, you have to claim and redelegate them from time to time. It is possible to do that through the official Cosmos SDK. Thus, you can claim and redelegate your rewards with your Ledger easily.

What is your commission max daily change rate?

Our max daily commission change rate is 1% per day. If this rate ever becomes subject to change, we will transparently discuss the reasoning well beforehand.

How long does it take for my ATOMs to unbond?

The state transition from bonded to unbonded will take about 3 weeks. The unbonding period protects the network against long-range attacks.

If I want to switch to another validator, do I have to unbond?

No, you can redelegate your ATOMs penalty free without unbonding using the "redelegate" function.

Statutory warning: The fee is recorded in the Cosmos Blockchain and can be increased or decreased by 1% per day. HyperBlocks reserves the right to change the fee at any time without explicit notice to the stakeholders.

We would also like to declare that there is a potential for loss in delegating ATOMs to HyperBlocks. We have extensively tested our infrastructure and stand by its security and ability to withstand known attacks. Nonetheless, there are inherent risks to staking and validating with any services and HyperBlocks is not an exception. Unforseen security threats may result in unauthorized access to information or systems. Network failure or compromise of the systems may result HyperBlocks to double-validate or propose an invalid block, resulting in all delegated ATOMs being reduced by 10%.

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