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Make your digital assets work hard

Stake and secure networks


Tezos Bakery

Tezos delegation services are ready for everyone holding tezzies. You don’t have to worry about technical requirements or security of your bakery. Just bake together with HyperBlocks Pro. Our world class experts are working 24/7 to monitor and secure the bakery.

For more information please refer to Tezos website

Tomochain Masternode

TomoChain Masternode mainnet has launched already. And we’re happy to be one of the biggest support for Tomochain by running 10 masternodes. You just need to stake with us be click the buttom below.

For more information please refer to Tomochain website

Cosmos Validator

Cosmos.Network is the most powerful ecosystem of connected blockchains. Cosmos ecosystem is continuously growing with major projects using their technology. HyperBlocks Pro is a major supporter of Cosmos. Secure the network and earn rewards by delegating with us for the preferential 10% fee.

For more information please refer to Cosmos website

WAX Guilds

Wax – Currently the most used Blockchain in the World, HyperBlocks.Pro will be one of the first and largest Guild.

For more information please refer to Wax website

Republic Protocol

Republic Protocol is a decentralized network that utilizes secure multi-party computation (sMPC) to match orders without exposing the price, or volume, of the orders

For more information please refer to Republic Protocol website


ælf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing blockchain network that aims to provide a high performance platform for commercial adoption of blockchain.

For more information please refer to aelf website