Why HyperBlocks?

We are active in Blockchain ecosystem since 2013. We’re one of the first companies in the world fully focused on Proof-of-Stake consensus and also the pioneer in the dawn of DeFi since 2017. A promise of security and competence is delivered.

We guarantee 100% uptime. Hardware security module (HSM) key management enabled. Sentry node DDoS protection.

Our team works 24x7x365 to guarantee your peace of mind.

Bake Tezzies with us

You do not have to worry about the security or technical details. We monitor the bakery 24x7 so you don't have to.

Stake your Cosmos now

HyperBlocks is a major supporter of Cosmos. Join us and earn rewards using our state-of-the-art technology. Security and stability guaranteed.

Join Tomo masternodes

Stake your Tomo with us – the biggest collection of masternodes.

1st and largest e-commerce blockchain

Vote our Wax Guild. To vote for us, please make an account at account.wax.io and follow the steps.

Stake your Fantom now

Fantom Opera is your best choice with Hyperblocks.

Stake with us Kyberians

Stake trustlessly with us at Hyperblocks Pro


Polkadot is on track to deliver one of the most robust platform for security, scalability and innovation.

Oasis Network

Decentralized cloud with built-in data privacy and top-notch security.


Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network

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